“We’re Having a Tuesday is a significant book for both children and parents who are struggling with a split family scnario.It gives a voice to children and is a wonderful tool for communicating with them about the pain and joy they are experiencing.It is a must-have for anyone going through this situation.”Joan McWilliams Lawyer/Mediator, Denver Colorado


Dear DK Simoneau,

     My Mom and Dad are divorced and you reading that book made me feel good inside.  I wish I can go back and forth- but I have to wait a long time to see my Dad because he lives in another state.  He lives in California.

Love, John

Hi DK,

I just wanted to let you know that I gave the book I bought from you at the last CIPA meeting to my friend who is going through a divorce with her 3-year old son. It is now the ONLY book he wants to read and they read it multiple times each night before bed.

I knew it would be perfect because, as the child of divorced parents with joint custody, it told the story of my life from age 9-18. I wasn’t so sure it would be as meaningful for a 3-year old, but it most certainly is.

You really hit the nail on the head with your book. Nice work.


Dear DK,

My son loved the book. I am also a psychotherapist and feel it is really well done from a professional standpoint as well. Furthermore, it helped me as a newly divorced mother to not feel so guilty!  Congratulations.


Today, concerned knowledgeable single parents are balancing their own personal turmoil alongside the need of their children.This book gathers a child’s perception of reality and the possibilities that can happen when everyone strives to achieve a common goal –becoming a new type of family-together while apart.” Laurie Olbrisch, Executive Vice President, Rainbows


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