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July 22, 2014
News, thoughts, and it's been awhile!

Wow!  I am updating my website and it says 2009 was the last time I wrote a blog entry.  I can't believe it.  But I guess times have been a changing.  I have had lots of changes in my life.  For one, I'm no longer the mom of two little kids shuffling back and forth between two houses.  I have a daughter in college and a son that is a senior in high school.  These times have brought about all kinds of other kinds of parenting issues that I promise to blog about soon! (Like how to handle graduation parties, when kids should stop going back and forth, and so on!)

I lost my Dad during this time.  He was an anchor to me.  But he also has served as an inspiration to another project I am getting ready to release. (more on that in a minute!).  His death also stirred up some interesting split family issues that I will also have to blog on very soon.  Like what on earth do you do when your kids aren't really in charge of you because you have remarried?  Should you have a will?  What might it say?  All interesting things I have gone through these last few years as a child of divorce.

I have found the most wonderful partner.  We have been together most of this time I have been absent.  I suppose that is part of why I have been absent.  Having a new partner when you have teenage children was quite the challenge too.  But I didn't think maybe I should be publicly writing about it at the time.  However, I'm sure I can share some hindsight on things I experienced in that arena too!  Such fun.........

I've had other things go on like a major flood in my house just after I had gone through a major remodel.  So I spent close to 2 years in a constant remodeling status.  But all is well now, and my cozy office is set ready for me to delve back into something I love..........writing, and books!

Speaking of books.............I have a new one!  It is set for release on October 1st.  It is just for fun, and if you love picture books, I promise you will love it.  Check it out at www.purplesantasuit.com.  Santa's (Zany, Wacky, Just Not Right!) Night Before Christmas is sure to be a new favorite, probably for years to come!  I just love it!compressedsantacover.jpg  I think you will too!  Oh, and if you want to see what is going on with this, or other things I am doing and writing about, you can follow me on Twitter.com/dksimoneau and Facebook.com/dksimoneau!  Can't wait to write more soon!


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