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December 29, 2008
Is it time to change the tradition?
It looks as though Christmas has come and gone once again and we all survived.  I've been doing the split Christmas thing with my kids for 10 years now.  Always my ex comes over on Christmas morning before the kids wake up so that neither of us would miss out on the magic of Santa.  The tradition has waned a bit.  In the first years we used to buy all the gifts together, either being from Mom and Dad, or from Santa.  As the years went on, Dad bought his.  I handled Mom and Santa.  But Dad still brought his over to be opened on Christmas morning.  This year instead he asked if the kids could come to his house for an hour on Christmas Eve to open "his" presents with his girlfriend.  I easily complied.  But it left me wondering....why is it that he is coming over to my house on Christmas morning this year?  The kids play along with Santa, but in all reality I just had my ex over on Christmas morning to watch my kids open all of their gifts from me and my family, yet I didn't get the pleasure of seeing them open a single one from him or his family. I suppose I'll have to talk to my kids who are now 11 and 13, but I'm thinking that the Christmas morning tradition has out worn its welcome, and that it might be time to do things differently now.

December 7, 2008
It's holiday time!
The holiday season is upon us. So NOW is the time to be planning the schedule.  When will the kids be where.  Who gets them where.  What will be the gifts, and who is getting what.  The more open you keep the communication with your ex, the better your holiday season will be.  Also, if there is any way for you and your ex to do even one activity with your kids this holiday season together, it will show such an example to your kids of how you can really be grown up.  It is such an opportunity to set aside hard feelings and show how sometimes you do the "right" thing and that you don't always have to win.  It takes so much energy to be negative and nasty, and so little to just put aside your differences.  The kids win by doing that. So try it. Your kids win, and you just might feel a little better too!  --Oh, and I also just want to share a gift idea.  I just found a wonderful new healthy gourmet coffee.  It is a wonderful gift for any coffee lover in your life. It is delicious, and infused with a wonderful healful herb.  Try it yourself, or order it for the ex as a gift from the kids!  Click Here.


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