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July 12, 2007
Vacationing with my kids alone!
I'm going on 9 years now that I've been divorced.  I have taken many trips with my kids who have become well seasoned travelers.  So well seasoned, that now my ex packs them up and takes them too.  They get double the summer vacations and then some.  However, I somehow always seem to forget that though I parent them alone in my house, vacations seem to hold a whole different set of rules!  There is no just leaving them. There is no thankfulness that Dad came to pick them up.  There is no sleepovers at someone else's house.  There's no play date.  It's just me...........and them!  Don't get me wrong.  I adore my children.  But somehow the stress of travel always seems to test just how much.  Especially at the airport and in the car.  You see, I don't have anyone to tag team with.  I have to deal with all the back seat fights.  I have to deal with the one that forgot to go to the bathroom even though we are finally at the front of the check-in counter.  I will say though..........I did manage to have a nice glass of wine with my Italian dinner this trip.  Let's just say that it took the edge off, and I went on to enjoy both the good parts and the trials and tribulations of the trip!


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