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February 11, 2008
What about moving out of state?

Dear DK,

My brother is moving to Nashville without his 9 year old  son, what can he do
to make his son feel like a part of this  exciting time for his dad?  I have suggested
he give his son some  pre stamped envelopes and paper for letters and i have suggested 
everyday phone calls or e-mails. But there seems to be more ha  could do to soften the
blow a little, of corse he will be sad but I  think with the right tools in place it
can be easier.  do  you have  any suggestions?

Dear Moving,

He might consider a web-cam for phone calls.  I know several split up families that use
that.  I know a woman who wrote a book that is geared more towards families dealing with
people leaving on deployment in the military, but it might have some great ideas for you
guys.  It's called I'm Already Home by Elaine Dumler.  (Click Here) I believe she has two books out
now.  Hope that helps a little.....Best Wishes! --dk


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